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My Services

Web and Graphic Design

From logos, to banners, signs, and posters.  Web and Graphic design will boost the look and interaction with your brand.


Photography is about telling a story.  With high quality personal images, your family, your business, or your brand will benefit

Video Production

Video boasts the highest form of interaction online.  Producing high quality videos is an easy way to engage your people.

Cloud Service Implementation

Cloud based apps can organize, automate, streamline, and inform your business in a way that  frees you up from the minutia.  Setting up the automation can be intimidating, but having a pro set it up and guide you through will put you at ease.

Custom Features

Want to solve a problem and believe there should be a better solution.  Lets talk about making it a reality for you and your business.

Subsplash App Implementation

Custom media and communication apps are Subsplash's speciality.  As a trusted Implementation Consultant, you can have a customized app and website up in as few as 15 hours.

Audio Production

Recording, editing and producing audio for podcasts, promotions, and voice overs can boost any format of content.

Digital Marketing

Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing are the biggest in the game these days, but they aren't the only options.  Getting your word out, attracting leads, and converting sales is a great goal to have.  Pulling it off takes team work.

Social Media Content Management

Creating a Social Media Campaign, takes branding, deign, organization, and writing.  Understanding your brand and your goals is important to create an impact and engage your audience.

About Me

Reed Verdesoto
App Onboarding:
I am a musician and artist by trade.   I organize and design out of necessity.  I find that many of the digital needs these days are not solved with individual solutions, but with robust, multi-faceted approaches and services that can be overwhelming for the average small business.  That's where I found my specialty: automation.  I love building systems that automate processes for people so you don't miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.  

I work hard to find solutions that you can actually use and that don't add to your headache.  So often, I find people with beautiful websites that they cannot update because they are confused on how to use the functionality.  I have found my niche in the ability to understand the engineering behind a tool, and implementing and training you on how to effectively use it to your benefit.


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"I call him every day to answer my questions.  You think I'm kidding... every day... From sound technology questions, to photography and video questions.  He is my first call and source for advice. "  DeAndre Ralston - First Alliance Church of Erie