Your Subsplash Consultant

ReedVerde is an official SubsplashTM Implementation Consulting Firm dedicated to bringing custom, hands-on platform launches to your Subsplash Tools.  


Your Subsplash Consultant

ReedVerde is an official SubsplashTM Implementation Consulting Firm dedicated to bringing custom, hands-on platform launches to your Subsplash Tools.  

Need Support Right Now?

I can be available to help you troubleshoot your Subsplash Platforms with custom support.  Take 30 minutes with me and we can figure out your technical and design issues.  From Apps, to Streaming, to Snappages, to messaging, I'm here to help  

When you need a pro on your staff

You're ready to go with Subsplash, but you don't have anyone on staff to get you started or build the thing.
I've done over 190+ Churches. I can get you Subsplash Help along with SnapPages Support.

Platform Specifically Designed for Your Needs

If the system works for you, we can get your management of your SnapPages Website and Subsplash App down to 30 minutes a week.  First we must streamline the job of each platform.  That is Platform Specific Design.


75% of people will only visit your homepage first.  Most of them are new people.  Your website needs to capture new visitor.  Telling the right story will capture engagement.


Your app isn't a recreation of your website.  Every good app delivers a personal balance, just like your banking app.  We need to figure out the right balance for your needs together.

How I'll Help  Your Subsplash Website - SnapPages

We will go through a process to make sure your story is being told in the most efficient way in order to capture your people.  We start with structure so you know what good content needs to fill the rest.

How I'll Help Your Subsplash App

What are people there to do in your app?  Whats the order?  How easy is it to complete the tasks.  This is all User Interface and User Experience questions.  We will come up with a clear structure to maximize those experiences.

Help and Support for You

Reed Verdesoto
The learning curve is real.  So why not get the custom Subsplash support and help you need.  From SnapPages help with the website builder, to structural organization of your Subsplash App content management system, ReedVerde Inc. can help and support you through the entire process.  ReedVerde is on your team, ready to help you and your team succeed.
I work hard to find solutions that you can actually use and that don't add to your headache.  So often, I find people with beautiful websites that they cannot update because they are confused on how to use the functionality.  I have found my niche in the ability to understand the engineering behind a tool, and implementing and training you on how to effectively use it to your benefit.

Already a Subsplash Customer?

You really want people to be using your app on a regular basis.  Have you heard from your people that your app is hard to use?  Have you heard that they can't find the things they need.  I bet it is all there, but maybe your app just needs a refresh.

Let's set up a call so we can discuss this question: Is your app engaging your people on a consistent basis? It may have great content, but the user experience may be detracting from people engaging. I can help create a great user experience to boost adoption and engagement. Schedule a call and we can get you all set up.

Ready To Join Subsplash?

Sign up for Subsplash Here!  It's a quick process and you and I can get started working on your platform.

Join the Facebook Group

There is a great network of people that have already gone through the process.  They are pros now too!  Join the group and get the best crowd sourced support for Subsplash Platforms.  When you need Subsplash Help, this group is ready for you.


Josh Mathews - Pastor for Discipleship at CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, Wisconsin

Reed played a critical role in transitioning our website to Subsplash and onboarding us to an app. His insight, skill, and expertise were invaluable. Reed is creative, accessible, and knew how to optimize and maximize the Subsplash platform for our particular needs. The amount of staff and volunteer hours saved because of Reed's expertise is incalculable. This one is a no brainer: if you want to take advantage of all that Subsplash has to offer, use the Reed Verde team.


Aaron Terrasas - 120 Army

Working with Reed was seamless and above all enjoyable! Not only was he friendly but actually showed real heart and creativity during the project…it didn’t feel like we were working on a job as much as creating something of value. Thank mucho brother!!


Ed Gardner - Riverside Community Church

Reed built our Subsplash website and app for us and trained us on how to keep it going. Without his experience and insight we wouldn't have known how to even begin putting everything together. He was easy to work with and an expert at what he does. He answered all of our rookie questions and was patient as we learned. I'd use his services again in a heartbeat. 


Andy Holliday - Bridgepoint Church

Working with Reed was the key to getting our Subsplash app and website up and running so quickly. He guided us through the whole process and after listening to our needs built out a framework and gave us all the training needed to easily enter our content and launch. I love the end result and I'm extremely glad we chose to work with Reed.


Lisa Reaves - New Light Church

If you’re wondering if you need Reed, you do. He was patient, kind and professional. He answered questions intelligently and with so much compassion. Not once did me or my team feel like we were working with someone who did not want to assist us but he took what we had and made it great. Reed thought of everything and answered our questions in such a way that we left our sessions excited about what was to come and equipped to train others. Working with him has made me better. So if you take nothing else, know this, Reed is who you need.


Seth and Melanie Studley - Anatomy of Us

Reed was truly great to work with.  It was evident that he really enjoys what he does and his help and enthusiasm made it a joy to collaborate with him.  He walked us through every step of the process and made himself available above and beyond when we needed support.  If you're on the fence, take our word and go for it.  You'll be glad you did.


Peter Gowesky - Hope City Church, Sarasota FL

Reed helped our church think through and design a systematic flow for our website to help new guests become old friends.  Reed took the time to understand our church and our story to create a better digital footprint.  There is no one better to help you think through the digital world!

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